OUTLANDER: A series by Diana Gabaldon detailing the life and times of Claire Randall, an English battlefield nurse from 1945, and her husband Jamie Fraser, a Highlander from 1743, as well as that of their extended family in both the eighteenth century and the twentieth. It’s part romance, part time travel, part historical, part thriller, part shrine to Scotsmen and kilts, part whatever adjective you can think of. And it’s awesome. No seriously. Awesome.

Book One-Seven (OutlanderDragonfly In AmberVoyagerDrums of AutumnThe Fiery Cross , A Breath of Snow and AshesAn Echo In The Bone): MEDIAFIRE (.rar file)
Book Eight: Written In My Own Heart’s Blood : MEDIAFIRE (.epub file)

[NOTE: This is besides the fact that (hopefully, probably) going to be a television series in the near future. All links are on mediafire and all files are .epub, which can read on Adobe Reader (on your computer) and most e-readers (nook, kindle, ipad, etc). If you need them in another format, download the file in question and go HERE. If anything seems to be broken, send me an ask and i’ll see what I can do.]

[ETA: Updated links and consolidated files into one .rar file after old links died, any questions for how to open .rar files can be directed to my inbox]

[ETA 09 JUNE 2014: Added link for book eight]

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    Read these books. Buy them, love them, support them. Then get ready for the tv show!
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    Outlander is coming to Starz this year and I hope those of you who haven’t had a chance get to pick up this great...
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